Liv Hustvedt, Gail Baldwin and friend.

Liv Hustvedt, Gail Baldwin and friend.

About us

This silk scarf, or cowboy "wild rag", by Wild Wild Rags was 2 years in the making.  The idea was scribbled on a napkin at breakfast in Dublin, Ireland, and features many of those quintessential Buck Brannaman quotes we all learn from and love, Buck's image, brand, and signature.

This our first offering, comes from Gail Baldwin's original idea. Liv Hustvedt's art direction and knowledge of manufacturing, and Artist, Jamie Kalvestran's graphic design.  Buck saw this for the first time at his September 2016 Buck Brannaman Midwest clinic in Madison and loved it! 

History: As early as the 1800's Cowboys and Cowgirls adopted the use of wild rags to protect themselves from wind, rain and sun while on the trail. The earliest rags may have been flour sacks cut into squares when cotton and silk were unavailable or too expensive. Used for work and play this garment proved useful on the trail for any number of purposes. A temporary fix for equipment, a flag for a race, a potholder by the campfire, a blindfold for training a horse and much more.

Rags while practical can also be a personal signature of the rider. Designs and colors and sizes vary greatly and there is much to choose from. Many of the rags are pure cotton but the beauty, strength and comfort of silk is preferred by many.

10% of the purchase price of each "Brannaman Inspired" Wild Wild Rag goes to a charity of the Brannaman's choosing.

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